RELIEF is a multi-disciplinary creative agency based between Paris & Biarritz. We celebrate the outdoor lifestyle, driven by our passion for art and adventure.

Across its three departments – Communication, Production and Artist Representation Agency – RELIEF specializes in bridging the gap between brands and talents.

As creatives, artists, surfers, sailors, travelers and nature lovers inspired by their passion and constantly changing environment, our RELIEF Agency members focus their time and work on revealing stories worth telling. With more than 10 years of experience both in the design and outdoor industry as well as in print and digital medias, we’ve been producing editorial work for some of the most innovative brands. Our highly experienced and expert agency team can work on short contracts, long-term projects or turn initial ideas into beautifully crafted creations, allowing us to offer our clients original and engaging solutions to their creative needs.

Today, RELIEF Agency is dedicated to brands willing to communicate differently and looking to build a privileged long-term relationship with their consumers and audience. With creative excellence in storytelling, RELIEF connects your audience to emotional and authentic stories focused on outdoor, travel, adventure, active lifestyle, surfing, environment, art, music and fashion. Working closely with our global network of creative experts, we identify ourselves as craftsmen able to create and produce custom content. We visualize our agency as a blank canvas for innumerable graphic interpretations and brand creations. Our desire: give branding back its soul since we’re convinced that magic relies in simplicity and authenticity.

Launched in 2017, our creative RELIEF agency’s approach to storytelling is based on capturing the essence, culture, values and convictions of the brand. Through a balance between high visual impact, effective content and a deep experience, RELIEF helps you to gain trust and build a more powerful connection with your audience.

Our team

Elisa Routa
Relief Co-founder / Editorial director
Jérémie Barlog
Relief Co-founder / Creative Director

Our community

Mathieu Hémon
Matthieu Tordeur
Adventurer / Filmmaker
Alex Heitler
Filmmaker / Photographer
Sebastien Galtier
Art director
Matt Georges
Photographer / Filmmaker
Damien Castera
Surfer / Explorer
Julien Roubinet
Tristan Mausse
Filmmaker / Photographer

Relief is a full 360° agency.

RELIEF specializes in Art Direction, Brand Journalism, Design, Creative Direction & Production, Filmmaking, and Digital Creation. Based between Paris and Biarritz, our team of graphic designers, art directors, journalists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers, help you develop your brand identity and engage your community. Working with businesses that strive for excellence, we analyze and understand your needs in order to develop a relevant narrative and avant-garde imagery.


Every brand has a story to tell and an audience to address. Both with a strong visual and a deep content, RELIEF creates 360° campaigns dedicated to your project.

Storytelling | Interviews
Articles | Portraits
Essays | Brand Biography
Brand Manifesto | Sponsored Content
Brand Journalism | Brand Narrative
Brand Identity | Logotype
Typography | Packaging

Art direction

We’ll write your story together. Through still visuals production, imagery in motion and all kinds of high-quality customized visual content, we create experiences and produce wordless narratives.

Graphic Design | Photography
Global Visual Production
Fashion Editorials | Photo Essays
Product Shoot | Commercial Shoot
Creative Direction & Filmmaking
Editing | Advertising campaign


« After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Paul Pullman. We believe in storytelling to be the most powerful marketing tool, and provide emotional and dynamic narratives able to create an impact.

Press Release
Event reports

Digital Creation

Contemporary businesses and brands cannot avoid the power of ad marketing and networking. Today, brands need to promote their products and services on the social medias in order to expand on a global scale.

Websites | Digital Content Creation
Community Management | Storytelling
Interviews | Articles
Portraits | Brand Journalism
Brand identity | Development of 360° digital campaigns
Digital Communication
Visual content creation for social medias
Editorial content creation for social medias

Art Collaborations

RELIEF closely works with artists and craftsmen worldwide. We engage expertise’s artists in order to create capsule collections, printed products, and well-designed objects.

Print Creation
Well-designed objects and products

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in collaboration :