Matthieu Tordeur

Adventurer / Photographer

Since childhood, Matthieu Tordeur have always cultivated an irresistible desire for adventure. Aged 26, the French explorer has previously completed over 10 expeditions in 90 countries.

In the past decade he has driven all around the world in a Renault 4 to promote microfinance, run the gruelling 250 km Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert as well as the Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea, he has also cycled solo through Europe, China and Pakistan. Matthieu spent Christmas on a dog sledding expedition in Lapland at -30°C and skied 150 km on the ice sheet beyond the Arctic Circle in Greenland. He has crossed the Atlantic on a sailing boat and he cycled the strenuous Transcontinental Race from Flanders to Istanbul.


Through a series of extreme expeditions, he has hiked, swum, biked, sailed and travelled nearly 100,000 km, pushing the limits of human ability and endurance.

Today, Matthieu is the youngest member of the prestigious “French Explorers’ Society”, founded in 1937. Alongside well-known explorers like Nicolas Hulot, current France’s Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and travel writer Sylvain Tesson, Matthieu Tordeur is part of a club whose members’ life is dedicated to extra-ordinary exploration and adventure.

Attempting to become world’s youngest and the first French explorer to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, solo, unassisted and unsupported. Through « Objectif Pôle Sud » expedition, Matthieu Tordeur will embark on the expedition of a lifetime.

Representing Matthieu Tordeur, Relief Agency is proud to have the chance to take part in this ambitious sport and human adventure. For the entire duration of Matthieu’s physical and mental preparation, during his training in Norway and Svalbard, as well as during his journey across Antarctica, Relief Agency will be in charge of all the communication aspects regarding his « Objectif Pôle Sud » Expedition.

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