RELIEF represents the most brillant artists, innovative photographers, audacious explorers and passionate surfers.

United by an ambitious spirit, an authentic approach and powerful inner values, our agency’s philosophy has allowed us to focus on working creatively, collaboratively and independently with our team of talents.

As a full service talent agency, RELIEF manages artists and explorers, providing them with full support and long-term guidance. From emerging talents to audacious adventurers, we promote individuals and events through passion, creativity and values.

RELIEF offers the full range of digital marketing services, events, PR and Communication. We are committed to plan artists’ career development, cultivate and maintain the image of our talents on social medias and in real life, set up strategies for professional growth, find funds and sponsors for expeditions, orchestrate brand collaborations while connecting brands with people, provide digital services (social networks and website), deliver cross-channel creativity, ensure a social medias presence and run any sort of social media campaign.

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Matthieu Tordeur

Adventurer / Photographer

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